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Resource: African Folktales

African Folktales

Author: Paul Radin
Year: 1952
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

I. The Universe and its Beginnings
How Spider Obstained the Sky -God's Stories
The Separation of God from Man
The Creator Nyame and His Four Wives
How Abosom, the Lesser Gods, Came into the World
Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky
The Sun and the Children
The Brothers, Sun and Moon, and the Pretty Girl
The Son of the Wind
How the Stars Came
How the First Rain Came
The Origin of Death
How Diseases Came to the Ashanti
How the Mason-Wasp Fetched Fire from God
How Kintu Was Tested before He Could Marry the Daughter of the King of Heaven
The Son of Kimanaueze and the Daughter of Sun and Moon
The Blue Jay Who Married the Daughter of God
Mantis Creates an Eland
Why the Chief of the Smiths Was Unable to Create Human Beings
How Spider Read the Sky-God's Thoughts

II. The Animal and his World
Mantis and the All-Devourer
The Fox and the Wolf
The Elephant and the Tortoise
The Frog and Umdhlubu
The Caterpillar and the Wild Animals
The Gazelle and the Leopard
The Leopard, the Squirrel and the Tortoise
The Hare, the Hyena, and the Lioness's Cave
Nwahisisana the Hare
Master Rabbit and the Berrie
Okra the Cat Lies on a Velvet Cushion while Okraman the Dog Sleeps among the Ashes
How the Hinder Part of Kwaku Ananse the Spider Became Big
Why There are Cracks in Tortoise's Shell
Why Some Animals Became Domesticated
How Honey-Guide Came to Have Authority over Honey
The Bird that Made Milk
The Man and the Snake
How Elephant Married a Nama Woman and Was Deceived by Her
How Kwaku Ananse Got Aso in Marriage

III. The Realm of Man
I have only listed the titles here with animal names in the titles
The Young Man Who Was Carried off by a Lion
How a Huner Obtained Money from His Friends the Leopard, the Goat, the Bush Cat, and the Cock

IV. Man and his Fate
I have only listed the titles here with animal names in the titles
The Enchanted Guinea-Fowl
The Child and the Eagle

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