Sunday, May 19, 2019

Resource: Dinka Folktales

Dinka Folktales

Author: Jacob Akol
Illustrator: Christine Abuk
Year: 2007
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

How CLans Got Their Names
Why It Is as It Is
Howthe Dinka Got the Cow
How the Dinka Got the Drum
Unexpected Rain
The Disputed Calf
Acengaakdit and Acengaakthii
The Hyena, the Pigeon, and the Monitor
Jelbek the Lion
The Fox and the Camel
The Old Folk and the Young Folk
The Lion, the Fox, and the Ostrich
The Fox and His Brothers-in-Law
The Lion, the Fox, and His Brother
The Lion, Alai, and Beetle

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