Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Resource: Tales of an Ashanti Father

Tales of an Ashanti Father

Author: Peggy Appiah
Illustrator: Mora Dickson
Year: 1967
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

How Kwaku Ananse caught the Python
How Kwaku Ananse was punished for his Bad Manners
How the Rat and the Deer kept Faith with the Hunter
The Hunter and the Tortoise
The Left-handed King
Why the Leopard has Spots
How Kwaku Ananse became Bald
The Tortoise and the Hare
Why Nephews inherit Property in Ashanti
Kwaku Ananse and hte Unknown Assignment
Abena and the Python
Why the Lizard stretches his Neck
The Bitter Pill
Why the Snake has no Legs
Why the Lion Roars
How Kwaku Ananse won a Kingdom with a Grain of Corn
Kwaku Ananse and the Donkey
Why he Crow chases the Hen
he Old Man and the Mouse
How Death came to Mankind
The Gift of Densu
Kwaku Ananse and the Kingdom of the Dead

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