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Resource: West African Folk Tales

West African Folk Tales

Author: Jack Berry
Year: 1991
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

The Scarecrow
The Wise Fool
Why We Tell Stories about Spider
How Tortoise Won by Losing
The Power of the TEmper
The Contest between Fire and Rain
The Constant Parrot
Aja and the Enchanted Beast
The Elephant, the Tortoise, and the Hare
The Snakebite Medicine
What Spider Learned from Frog
The Magic Contest
The Greedy Dog
Adene and the Pineapple Child
Sasabonsam's Match
The Jealous Wife
A Mother's Love
Spider Rinds a Fool
The Locust-Bean Seller
Magotu and hte Devil
Leopard and the Son of the Hunter
Spider's Bargain with God
Python Meets his Match
Big Man and the Chimpanzee
The Sacrifice
The Cruel Mother
The Orphan's Revenge
The Sacred Bowl
The Wise Child
The Headstrong Bride
The Pact
Adele and the Pineapple Child
The Voice of the Child
The Yam Farm and the Problem Tongue
The River's Judgment
Who Has the Greatest Love?
Tortoise Buys a House
Why Bush Pig Has a Red Face
Spider and the Nightjar
Spider Learns to Listen
Tortoise and the Singing Crab
Spider Meets his Match
The Enchanted Loom
How Tortoise Got Water
The Cloud Mother
Spider the Artist
Ata and the Messenger Bird
Who is the Greatest Thief?
The Song of the River
The Most Suitable Name
Who is the Most Helpful Lover?
What Spider Knows
The Tale of the Enchanted Yarn
The Most Powerful Name
The Return of Ananse
Spider Gets Cured
The Wise Man Takes a Wise Wife
The Spoiled Bride and the Python
The Dishonest Wife
Ananse is Put in his Place
Wonder Child and the Talkative Woman
Greed Makes a new Friend
How Crab Got his Shell
Tortoise and All the Wisdom in the World
Dede and the Leopard
The Master Trickster
Asiedo and the Fish Child
The Incredible Nose
Rat's Vanity
Why Fowls Scratch
The Hog's Magic
The Bag of Salt
The Beaten Path
The Stone with Whiskers
The Charmed Cutlass
Why Tortoise is Bald
Why Lizard Bobs his Head
Spider the Swindler
Tortoise Sheds a Tear
The Cunning of Galonchi
Tortoise Disobeys
Dog is Betrayed
The Wise Child and the Chief
The Drunkard's Wisdom
The Wisdom of Aja
The Lion's Advice
Choosing the Right Friends
The Celver Boatman
Why the Mason Wasp Has a Narrow Waist
The Fairies and the Flute
Sophia and hte Devil
Wonder Child and the Beast
Crying for Yaka
The Child's Vengeance
Why Hippo Wears no Coat
Foriwa's Beads
The Tail of the Elephant Queen
Why Spider is bald
Spider and the Calabash of Knowledge
The Noble Adowa
Spider's Funeral
Who is the Greatest Magician?
Tortoise and the Stew Bowl
Crab and Guinea Fowl Part Ways
The Gift of the Wicked Old Woman
The Honest Finger
Cat and Rat Have it Out
The Hunter's Best Friend
The Vulters and the Liver Cave
The Nefarious Fly
The Hunter's Daughter
The Gluttonous Monkey
Why Singing Tortoises are Solitary
The Price of Eggs
The Coffin of God's Daughter
The Quarrel between Heaven and Earth
The Cry of Sasabonsam
Adowa and the Leopard
Ananse and God's Business
Why the Sky is High
The Gifts
The Necklace
The Tale of Aso Yaa

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