Friday, May 24, 2019

Resource: When Elephant Was King

When Elephant Was King and Other Elephant Tales From Africa

Author: Nick Greaves
Illustrator: Julie Bruton
Year: 1996
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

When Elephant Was King
Why Elephant Has A Trunk
Sitatunga And Elephant
Tsuro And Grandfather Elephant: Why Elephant Has Such A Small Tail
Leopard, Squirrel And Elephant
When Grof Was Braver Than Elephant
King Elephant And The Waxen Horns
Tortoise And How He Saved Elephant's Lands
Elephant, Hare, And Hippo
Elephant, Spider, And Hippopotamus
Elephant And The Wisdom Of The World
Elephant And The Devious Hare
Elephant Is Outwitted By Jackal
When Spider Saved Elephant
Elephant The Deceiver
When Elephant Was Tricked By Hare And Baboon
Why Elephant And Buffalo Fight
When Elephant Married A Nam Woman
When Hare Stole Elephant's And Giraffe's Hard-Earned Food
Chameleon And Elephant
Elephant And The Rain
When Elephant And Chameleon Were Friends And How They Parted
Elephant, Hare, And The Drought
Unanana And The Wicked One-Tusked Elephant
The Hunter And The Talking Elephant

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