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Index: Chase Complete Tales Online

This is an index that provides links to online (public domain) versions of the texts collected in The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus compiled by Richard Chase. The page numbers given are in reference to this edition of Chase's book:

The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus [by] Joel Chandler Harris compiled by Richard Chase (1955).

I. UNCLE REMUS: His Songs and Sayings (1896, first published in 1880).

Brer Rabbit and the Calamus Root
1. Uncle Remus Initiates the Little Boy (p. 3) Summary: Brer Rabbit invites Fox to dinner, but doesn't let him in. Then, Brer Fox invites Rabbit to dinner. Rabbit arrives and realizes the Fox is going to eat him, so he escapes by going out for calamus root to use to season supper.

Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby
2. The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story (p. 6) Summary: Fox makes a tar-baby. Brer Rabbit gets angry when she won't talk to him. When he hits her, he gets stuck, and Brer Fox catches him.

Brer Possum, Brer Coon, and Brer Dog
3. Why Mr. Possum Loves Peace (p. 9) Summary: Possum and Coon are attacked by Dog; Coon fights back, but Possum plays dead. Coon calls him a coward, but Possum says he can't help himself when someone tickles him.

Brer Rabbit and the Brier Patch
4. How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp for Mr. Fox (p. 12) Summary: Fox has caught Rabbit with the tar-baby and is contemplating what to do next. Rabbit pretends to be most afraid of the briar patch, so Fox throws him there, and Rabbit is happy: "Bred en bawn in a brier-patch, Brer Fox—bred en bawn in a brier-patch!"

The Elephant and the Crawfishes
5. The Story of the Deluge, and How It Came About (p. 14) Summary: In an assembly of all the animals, Elephant steps on a Crayfish. The Crayfishes then make holes in the earth, with help from Mud Turtle and Spring Lizard. The holes let water out and the water rises up in a deluge that floods the earth.

Brer Rabbit Rides Brer Fox
6. Mr. Rabbit Grossly Deceives Mr. Fox (p. 17) Summary: Rabbit tells the gals Fox was his daddy's horse. Then, he tricks Fox into wearing a saddle and bridle, and Rabbit rides him to the Miss Meadows' house to the amusement of everyone except Fox.

Brer Rabbit Rides Brer Fox Again
7. Mr. Fox Is Again Victimized (p. 21) Summary: Rabbit rides Fox again; when Fox tries to throw him, Rabbit hides in a tree. Fox guards the tree, and then leaves Buzzard to guard the tree. Rabbit tricks Buzzard by promising him there's a squirrel he can catch in the tree, and so Rabbit is able to run away.

Mr. Fox and Mr. Buzzard
8. Mr. Fox Is Outdone by Mr. Buzzard (p. 25) Summary: Sequel to the story of how Rabbit tricked Buzzard and escaped: Fox comes back with axe. Buzzard pretends Rabbit is still there but Fox finally realizes Rabbit is gone. Fox attacks Buzzard, but he only gets feathers.

Brer Rabbit, Brer Turtle, and Brer Fox
9. Miss Cow Falls a Victim to Mr. Rabbit (p. 28) Summary: Rabbit asks Cow to butt persimmon tree; when she gets stuck, he milks her. She gets free, pretends to still be stuck and tries to attack Rabbit, but Rabbit gets away.

Brer Rabbit, Brer Turtle, and Brer Fox
10. Mr. Terrapin Appears Upon the Scene (p. 32) Summary: Rabbit and Turtle go to see the gals. Fox bursts in, Turtle falls on him, and Rabbit tricks him into looking in chimney where he drops a brick on his head.

News of Brer Fox's Death
11. Mr. Wolf Makes a Failure (p. 36) Summary: Wolf tells Rabbit that Fox is dead; Rabbit tricks Fox into raising his leg so he knows Fox is not dead.

Brer Fox and Brer Turtle
12. Mr. Fox Tackles Old Man Tarrypin (p. 39) Summary: Turtle tells Fox about fire; Fox says it burned off Turtle's tail, so Turtle shows tail. Fox grabs it. Turtle says don't drown me! let go of stump and catch me. So Turtle escapes.

Brer Wolf in the Chest
13. The Awful Fate of Mr. Wolf (p. 42) Summary: Wolf repeatedly tears down Rabbit's house but has to seek shelter with Rabbit; Rabbit hides him in a chest, and lies about what he is doing as he boils Wolf to death.

Mr. Fox and the Frogs
14. Mr. Fox and the Deceitful Frogs (p. 45) Summary: Water animals are all talking; Fox sees his reflection in water and falls in.

Brer Rabbit Dead in the Road
15. Mr. Fox Goes A-Hunting, But Mr. Rabbit Bags the Game (p. 48) Summary: Rabbit pretends to be dead; Fox passes by. Rabbit repeats, and when Fox goes back for first dead rabbit, Rabbit runs off with Fox's sack.

Brer Rabbit Down in the Well
16. Old Mr. Rabbit, He's a Good Fisherman (p. 50) Summary: Rabbit shirks work and gets stuck in well. He tells Fox he's fishing and they trade places: Fox goes down, Rabbit comes up. Animals abuse Fox for muddying the well-water.

Brer Rabbit and the Butter
17. Mr. Rabbit Nibbles Up the Butter (p. 53) Summary: Rabbit, Fox, and Possum hide butter while they work; Rabbit pretends to visit sick wife (sick, sicker, dead), eating all the butter, then smears butter on Possum to make him seem guilty. In fire test, Rabbit leaps fire; Fox gets white lower tail; Possum burns up.

Brer Rabbit Races Brer Terrapin
18. Mr. Rabbit Finds His Match at Last (p. 57) Summary: Turtle challenges Rabbit to a race. Turtle wins by using his family members as stand-ins along the route.

The Fate of Mr. Jack Sparrow
19. The Fate of Mr. Jack Sparrow (p. 61) Summary: Sparrow threatens to tattle about Rabbit to Fox, but Rabbit gets to Fox first and lies about Sparrow. Angry Fox, pretending to be deaf, tricks Sparrow into getting close enough to swallow.

Rabbit, Wolf, and the Tail of the Cow
20. How Mr. Rabbit Saved His Meat (p. 65) Summary: Wolf drops fish to chase partridge; Rabbit gets fish. In exchange, Wolf kills Fox's cow, but Rabbit tricks Wolf and takes meat, burying tail: cow went into the ground!

Rabbit, Buzzard, and the Gold Mine
21. Mr. Rabbit Meets His Match Again (p. 69) Summary: Rabbit cheats Buzzard of crop; Buzzard gets revenge by supposedly flying Rabbit to gold mine and abandoning him until Rabbit pays what he owes.

Brer Fox and the Little Rabbits
22. A Story About the Little Rabbits (p. 71) Summary: Fox threatens the little Rabbits and imposes tasks on them. The Rabbits must break sugarcane, a bird advises they gnaw it; they must fill a sieve with water, the bird advises they caulk the holes; they must put a big log on fire, the bird advises they roll it. Rabbit comes home, and Fox leaves, defeated.

Guarding the Goober Patch
23. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear (p. 74) Summary: Caught in a trap when raiding Fox's peanuts, Rabbit tells Bear who passes by that he is working as a scarecrow. Bear wants the job, so he trades places with Rabbit. When Fox finds Bear there, he whips him. Rabbit hides from Bear in water; Bear sees his eyes and mistakes Rabbit for Frog.

The Bear and the Bull-Frog
24. Mr. Bear Catches Old Mr. Bull-Frog (p. 77) Summary: Seeking revenge, Bear catches Frog and plans to kill him. Frog asks to go out on rock for one last look at family; Bear agrees, and Frog gets away.

How Brer Rabbit Lost His Tail
25. How Mr. Rabbit Lost His Fine Bushy Tail (p. 80) Summary: Rabbit asks Fox for fishing advice. Fox tricks Rabbit into putting his tail in freezing water; Rabbit loses his tail.

Turtle Shows His Strength
26. Mr. Terrapin Shows His Strength (p. 83) Summary: Turtle challenges Bear to a rope-pulling contest. Turtle ties the rope to a limb in the mud under water. Bear pulls and pulls, and finally concedes that Turtle has won.

Why Possum Has No Hair on His Tail
27. Why Mr. Possum Has No Hair on His Tail (p. 87) Summary: Rabbit tells Possum to eat Bear's persimmons. This leads to trouble: Rabbit then tells Bear, who catches Possum. Possum escapes but Bear bites him and thus scrapes off all the hair of Possum's tail.

Brer Bear and the Bees
28. The End of Mr. Bear (p. 90) Summary: Rabbit tells Bear he found a honey-tree. When Bear sticks his head in the hole, Rabbit stirs up the bees, and they sting Bear who can't get his head out of the hole.

Fox and Rabbit in the Garden
29. Mr. Fox Gets Into Serious Business (p. 94) Summary: Man catches Rabbit in garden in and ties him up, and then Fox comes along. Rabbit tells Fox that the gals tied him there so that he could wait on the wedding party to come by. Fox gladly takes Rabbit's place. Rabbit runs; Man finds Fox and beats him. Rabbit then frees Fox.

Brer Rabbit Raises the Dust
30. How Mr. Rabbit Succeeded in Raising a Dust (p. 98) Summary: There is contest to marry one of the gals: you have to break a granite rock to dust. Rabbit wins by putting ashes in slippers, making it look like he's raising dust.

A Plantation Witch
31. A Plantation Witch (p. 101) Summary: Man has a brother who is a shapeshifting witch. When the witch takes off his skin to go flying as a bat, the man salts the skin. Supernatural creatures come (cat, dog, owl), and then a wolf takes the skin away. The brother then reappears, squirming inside the salted skin. This cures the man of being a witch. (The story also describes witch rabbits in the cemetery.)

The Blacksmith and the Devil
32. Jacky-My-Lantern (p. 105) Summary: A blacksmith makes a bargain with the Devil. The Devil enchants the blacksmith's hammer and chair, and he gives the blacksmith money for drink. The blacksmith uses the chair to fend off the Devil one year, and then the hammer. The third time, he escapes the Devil's sack and puts a dog there instead. Rejected in the end by both heaven and hell, he wanders to this day: that's the jack o'lantern.

The Black People and the Pond
33. Why the Negro Is Black (p. 109) Summary: Everybody used to be black, but there was a magical pond whose water changed people's skin. It changed some people white who got all the way in the water, some mulatto, and some just got palms of hands and feet in water but nothing else changed.

Bookay the Cow
34. The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox (p. 111) Summary: Fox advises Rabbit that they get food by jumping in a cow's mouth. Fox says don't cut entrails, but Rabbit does. Rabbit comes out; Fox gets trapped. Man beats Fox to death, and Rabbit asks for Fox's head. Rabbit takes the head to Fox's wife; she boils it without looking, but son Tobe looks. Mrs. Fox catches Rabbit, and sets son as guard but Rabbit tricks him by sending him to get water. Rabbit escapes, but Mrs. Fox captures him again, and he asks her to grind off his nose so he won't be able to smell when he's dead. When she fetches water for the grindstone, he escapes again.

II. NIGHTS WITH UNCLE REMUS: Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation (1883).

Mr. Fox and Miss Goose
1. Mr. Fox and Miss Goose (p. 119) Summary: Brer Rabbit advises Goose to roll up her laundry and put it into the bed to fool the Fox, and Dog helps chase him away.

Brer Fox Rides the Horse
2. Brother Fox Catches Mr. Horse (p. 123) Summary: Brer Rabbit manages to tie Brer Fox to a horse's tail, and then tells the Fox to hold the horse down.

Brer Rabbit in the Garden
3. Brother Rabbit and the Little Girl (p. 126) Summary: Rabbit repeatedly tricks girl into letting him into her father's garden. Girl tells Man; he traps Rabbit and leaves girl to guard him. Rabbit sings, then offers to dance if she unties him. While dancing, he runs away.

Fox in the Road
4. Brother Fox Copies Brer Rabbit (p. 130) Summary: Fox plays dead in road as Man goes to market. The third time makes Man suspicious, so he whips Fox to be sure.

Rabbit's Wild Costume
5. Brother Rabbit's Astonishing Prank (p. 133) Summary: Rabbit sneaks in Bear's house, gets covered in honey and leaves, with results that other animals think he is a monster. He shouts that he is the will-o-the-wisp.

Animal House
6. Brother Rabbit Secures a Mansion (p. 137) Summary: Animals build house together; Rabbit shirks work. Rabbit then drives them all out with deceptions involving a gun, a cannon, and slop water. He thus takes possession of the house.

Mr. Lion Hunts for Mr. Man
7. Mr. Lion Hunts for Mr. Man (p. 141) Summary: Lion wants to challenge Man. Steer warns him, and Horse, and Sparrow. Lion finds Man using wedges, but doesn't recognize him. Man offers to go get "man" while Lion puts paw in opening. Man returns and whips him.

The Pigs and the Wolf
8. The Story of the Pigs (p. 145) Summary: Dying pig warns piglets to beware of wolf, but he eats two by offering corn, third lets him in bit by bit, and he also eats fourth. The fifth pig gets him to come in chimney and burns him up in fire.

Benjamin Ram Plays the Fiddle
9. Mr. Benjamin Ram and His Wonderful Fiddle (p. 149) Summary: Ram gets lost and ends up in Wolf's house. Ram's music scares the wolves off into the swamp. He spends the night in their house and then goes on his way.

Brer Rabbit's Riddle
10. Brother Rabbit's Riddle (p. 154) Summary: Fox plans to trap Rabbit coming down from peach tree, but Rabbit escapes. Rabbit tells a riddle and traps Fox's head in a beehive. Rabbit tells the riddle to Fox's grandfather also. Bear releases Fox and beats him for stealing honey.

Brer Rooster and the Cornbread
11. How Mr. Rooster Lost His Dinner (p. 158) Summary: Flock has party but Rooster gets angry when he sees only cornbread to eat and stomps off. Others scratch, find rest of food beneath. That's why chickens always scratch now.

Brer Rabbit Comes to the Party
12. Brother Rabbit Breaks Up a Party (p. 161) Summary: Fox doesn't invite Rabbit to party. Rabbit plays drum that scares animals off. He drinks up the party liquor. They come back, put him on trial, and Rabbit tricks them into throwing him in the creek with a walking cane that he uses to wade out of the water.

Fox, Rabbit, and King Deer's Daughter
13. Brother Fox, Brother Rabbit, and King Deer's Daughter (p. 166) Summary: Fox and Rabbit court King Deer's daughter. Rabbit kills King's goats, convinces King Deer that Fox did it. Then Rabbit teaches Fox a courtship song in which Fox indicts himself.

Turtle, Buzzard, and the Honey
14. Brother Terrapin Deceives Brother Buzzard (p. 170) Summary: Turtle and Buzzard partners to seek honey. Turtle finds honey on ground, eats it all. When Buzzard comes, Turtle burns him up in the hive, then uses feathers to make quill-pipes.

Fox and Turtle's Quill-Pipe
15. Brother Fox Covets the Quills (p. 173) Summary: Fox wants Turtle's quill-pipe; Turtle says no. Fox asks to see it, then grabs it. Turtle bites Fox but he gets away. Then Turtle hides in mud, bites Fox again, and Fox gives back pipe.

Mister Fox and the Grapes
16. How Brother Fox Failed to Get His Grapes (p. 177) Summary: Fox and Rabbit compete for the gals. Rabbit tells Fox about far-off grapes, but it was a wasp nest. Fox returns all swollen; gal says he must have eaten all the grapes.

Turtle, Rabbit, and Fox in the Fire
17. Mr. Fox Figures as an Incendiary (p. 182) Summary: Fox tricks Turtle into looking for Ol' Boy in field, sets field on fire. Turtle finds Rabbit and they hide in log. Rabbit imitates Turtle's voice saying he caught Rabbit, luring Fox to walk on fire, burning his feet.

Wolf, Fox, and Buzzard
18. A Dream and a Story (p. 185) Summary: Wolf traps Fox in tree; Buzzard listens till he thinks Fox is dead. Buzzard then opens up tree; Fox attacks him.

The Moon In the Mill-Pond
19. The Moon In the Mill-Pond (p. 189) Summary: Rabbit and Turtle plot fishing frolic. Rabbit says moon fell in water; Turtle says there's money under the moon. Fox, Wolf, and Bear get soaked trying to retrieve it.

Brer Rabbit Hears a Noise
20. Brother Rabbit Takes Some Exercise (p. 194) Summary: Rabbit hears noise in woods when man chops down a tree, and his alarm causes terror amongst all animals: Rabbit tells Coon who tells Fox who tells Wolf who tells Bear and finally Turtle. They finally realize it was all Brer Rabbit's fault.

Why Brer Bear Has No Tail
21. Why Brother Bear Has No Tail (p. 199) Summary: Rabbit taunts Bear into sliding down rock like Turtle and Mud-Turtle; Bear breaks off tail and runs away.

Brer Rabbit Frightens His Neighbors
22. How Brother Rabbit Frightened His Neighbors (p. 202) Summary: Fox, Bear, and Wolf decide to ambush Rabbit on way home from town with presents. Warned by a little bird, Rabbit makes a costume of tin goods and frightens them all.

Brer Rabbit and Mr. Man's Meat
23. Mr. Man Has Some Meat (p. 206) Summary: Fox and Rabbit plot to get Mr. Man's meat. Rabbit pretends Man's meat smells bad and tells Man to drag it to clean it. Rabbit supplies line. Man takes off pulling long line, and Rabbit replaces meat with rock and runs while Fox grabs the meat for them to share.

Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, and the Meat
24. How Brother Rabbit Got the Meat (p. 209) Summary: Fox and Rabbit eat meat and argue; Rabbit fools Fox into going to get a drink and then takes all the meat for himself. He then pretends Man is beating him, which scares Fox off.

The Fool and the Persimmons
25. African Jack (p. 214) Summary: Introduction of African Jack, plus anecdote about a fool waiting for persimmons to fall into his mouth.

Brer Gator in Trouble
26. Why the Alligator's Back Is Rough (p. 220) Summary: Alligator boasts that he fears no trouble; Rabbit sets grass on fire, and he has to jump in water, which is how he got wrinkly skin.

Brer Wolf Says Grace
27. Brother Wolf Says Grace (p. 224) Summary: Wolf catches Rabbit by hiding under grass in basket; Rabbit escapes by making Wolf say grace.

Ghosts and Witches
28. Spirits, Seen and Unseen (p. 230) Summary: Not a story, but a conversation about ghosts and witches, including jack-o-lanterns plus witches and their skins. There is a story about a man who found a witch skin, dried and shrunk it, and the witch was not able to put the skin back on again to acquire their human form, so the witch departed in wolf form instead.

The Silver Coins
29. A Ghost Story (p. 235) Summary: Man takes silver coins from eyes when burying dead woman; her ghost haunts him, wanting money. He dies of fright, and they bury him with the same silver coins on his eyes.

The Lucky Rabbit Foot
30. Brother Rabbit and His Famous Foot (p. 239) Summary: Miss Rabbit visiting Miss Bear talks about Brer Rabbit's purse. Wolf overhears and he steals the purse with the lucky rabbit foot. Rabbit goes to the Witch-Rabbit, who tells him Wolf took it, so Rabbit steals it back.

Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox in the Garden
31. In Some Lady's Garden (p. 246) Summary: Rabbit gets girl to let him into garden with false permission from her father. Man catches him raiding peanuts. Fox comes by; Rabbit says his punishment will be eating mutton, so Fox trades places, thinking he will get to eat mutton.

Brer Rabbit and Brer Possum in the Garden
32. Brother Possum Gets in Trouble (p. 252) Summary: Rabbit is trapped in garden and threatens girl to let him go: he threatens with teeth, pop-eyes, and ear-horns. Man ties Rabbit up in bag; Rabbit tells Possum he can hear the clouds singing this way, so Possum agrees to swap places. Man beats Possum, and also cuts off Rabbit's tail as he escapes.

How Guinea-Fowls Got Their Spots
33. Why the Guinea-fowls Are Speckled (p. 257) Summary: Lion attacks Cow. Guineas help Cow, so Cow awards them milk speckles.

Brer Rabbit's Love-Charm
34. Brother Rabbit's Love-Charm (p. 261) Summary: Rabbit is in love, so he goes to conjure man who tells him to get elephant tusk, gator tooth and bird beak. Rabbit uses tricks (gets elephant stuck in tree, beats gator while beating grass, lures bird into house) and gets his love charm.

Brer Rabbit and the Witch-Rabbit
35. Brother Rabbit Submits to a Test (p. 264) Summary: Rabbit fears losing his powers, so he goes to Rabbit-Witch. She wants a squirrel; he tricks squirrel into getting into a bag with promise of nuts. She wants a rattlesnake; he gets snake to show its length and catches it. Witch declares him a fully-functioning danger and sends him home; Rabbit makes the rattlesnake into a stew.

Brer Wolf and the Witch-Rabbit
36. Brother Wolf Falls a Victim (p. 268) Summary: Rabbit says Witch is dead, so the animals go to divide her up, and Wolf argues with each one about how to share. Rabbit gives the whole thing to Wolf and then ties him on to the Witch's body; Witch jumps in river and drowns him.

Brer Rabbit and the Mosquitoes
37. Brother Rabbit and the Mosquitoes (p. 272) Summary: Animals courting Wolf's daughter but can't stand mosquitoes; Rabbit tells story about spotted ancestor so he can kill mosquitoes as he points out the spots.

The Pimmerly Plum
38. The Pimmerly Plum (p. 278) Summary: Turtle tells Fox he ate plums and fools Fox into thinking sycamore is a plum tree. Tells Fox to wait with eyes closed and mouth open; he's still waiting. Turtle tells Rabbit how he tricked Fox.

Rabbit, Wolf, and the Wagon of Food
39. Brother Rabbit Gets the Provisions (p. 284) Summary: Rabbit and Wolf sell Wolf's mother for food. On their way home, Wolf is cold, so Rabbit sends him chasing the setting sun as if it were a fire. He then hides horses and puts the horses' tails sticking up in ground. Wolf comes back, and they pull on the tails to rescue wagon. Wolf thinks the wagon vanished into the ground.

Cutta Cord-la
40. Cutta Cord-la (p. 289) Summary: Rabbit and Wolf kill Wolf's granny for food. Rabbit then hides his granny up in a tree, teaching her a secret song. Blacksmith fixes Wolf's voice so he can fool Rabbit's granny but Rabbit comes and sings; she recognizes Wolf and drops him down.

Fox, Rabbit, and Their Families
41. Aunt Tempy's Story (p. 293) Summary: During famine, Fox and Rabbit decide to sell their families. As they ride in wagon, Rabbit throws his family members out and then accuses Fox of eating them. They sell Mrs. Fox to buy food. Fox goes for tobacco and Rabbit drives off; then he puts horse's tails in sand and calls it quicksand. Rabbit puts corn in holes where Fox digs, and Fox keeps digging so hard he dies.

Who Ate the Little Rabbits?
42. The Fire-Test (p. 297) Summary: Wolf imitates Rabbit's voice to get in house and eat rabbits; Turtle presides over a fire test to find culprit. Other animals jump over; Wolf burns up.

The Snake Eggs
43. The Cunning Snake (p. 302) Summary: Woman steals snake eggs. Fearing retribution, woman protects her child with a song but the snake learns to sing the song and swallows the child. The woman cuts the child out of snake to rescue her.

Brer Fox and the Wildcat
44. How Brother Fox Was Too Smart (p. 306) Summary: Fox and Rabbit see Wildcat tracks. Rabbit urges Fox to confront Wildcat, and Wildcat attacks Fox. Rabbit laughs.

Brer Rabbit and His Steeple
45. Brother Wolf Gets in a Warm Place (p. 311) Summary: Rabbit builds tower. He then hauls Turtle up with rope, and next the Wolf; Rabbit's wife pours boiling water on Wolf suspended in midair.

Brer Wolf under a Rock
46. Brother Wolf Still in Trouble (p. 315) Summary: Rabbit finds Wolf trapped under rock, releases him. Wolf is going to eat him. They go to Turtle as judge who tricks Wolf into getting back under rock.

Fox, Rabbit, and the Supply of Beef
47. Brother Rabbit Lays in His Beef Supply (p. 320) Summary: Fox and Rabbit kill cow; in Fox's absence, Rabbit hides meat and says it was stolen. Fox figures it out, traps him in hollow tree, and sets Buzzard as guard. Rabbit tricks Buzzard and escapes.

Rabbit, Wildcat, and the Turkeys
48. Brother Rabbit and Mr. Wildcat (p. 324) Summary: Wildcat catches Rabbit, who then leads Turkeys to Wildcat playing dead. The Turkeys keep away, and they are still gobbling about it to this day.

Benjamin Ram Confronts Fox and Wolf
49. Mr. Benjamin Ram Defends Himself (p. 328) Summary: Fox and Wolf attack Ram; Ram thanks Fox for bringing Wolf because he is hungry for some Wolf meat. Fox and Wolf both run.

Brer Rabbit Pretends to Be Poisoned
50. Brother Rabbit Pretends to Be Poisoned (p. 331) Summary: Wolf and Rabbit go to share cow meat; Rabbit pretends to get sick. When Wolf goes for doctor, Rabbit takes all the meat and runs off.

Fire and Honey
51. More Trouble for Brother Wolf (p. 335) Summary: Wolf helped by Bear sets fire to log, but Rabbit escapes. Wolf is amazed; Rabbit says oozing honey saved him. Wolf wants honey too, so he gets in a log and Rabbit sets him on fire.

Rabbit and Mister Man's Money
52. Brother Rabbit Outdoes Mr. Man (p. 338) Summary: Rabbit rides in man's wagon with money. He throws the money out, and makes a noise so Man won't realize what is happening. Rabbit gets all the money. Man is furious.

Sewing Brer Dog's Mouth
53. Brother Rabbit Takes a Walk (p. 341) Summary: Rabbit and Dog are quarreling. Rabbit decides that toothed animals like Fox and Wolf and Dog should use their claws instead. Meanwhile, Rabbit proposes to sew Dog's mouth shut. Bear offers him needle and thread, but Rabbit says it's time for him to take a walk, shirking the task.

Old Grinny Granny Wolf
54. Old Grinny Granny Wolf (p. 343) Summary: Grandmother Wolf thinks Rabbit is her grandson; he tricks her into getting into boiling water for her health. Then he dresses in her clothes. When Wolf comes home, he feeds him stew with grandmother in it. Wolf eats; his children refuse to eat and tell him why. Wolf chases Rabbit; Rabbit tricks Wolf into holding up a tree and so he gets away.

How Wattle Weasel Was Caught
55. How Wattle Weasel Was Caught (p. 347) Summary: Weasel is suspected in butter theft. He fools guards: fools Mink by playing, Possum by tickling, Coon in race, Fox with chickens, Wolf with lamb, Bear with back rub. Rabbit proposes they tie tails to test their strength, and Rabbit wins by tying his tail to a tree root.

Brer Rabbit Ties Mr. Lion
56. Brother Rabbit Ties Mr. Lion (p. 351) Summary: Rabbit tells Lion hurricane is coming, and then Rabbit tricks Lion into tying himself to a tree.

Brer Lion and the Man's Gun
57. Mr. Lion's Sad Predicament (p. 355) Summary: Rabbit warns Lion about man's gun, but Lion says he is only afraid of partridge. Lion gets shot by gun.

The Origin of the Ocean
58. The Origin of the Ocean (p. 358) Summary: World was once all one land, no ocean; Lion stole Rabbit's prey, so Rabbit tricked Lion into jumping creek and then he "untied" creek which made the ocean.

Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox on the Roof
59. Brother Rabbit Gets Brother Fox's Dinner (p. 361) Summary: Rabbit helps Fox nailing roof; he nails Fox to roof and steals his food.

Brer Bear and the Little Gators
60. How the Bear Nursed the Little Alligator (p. 365) Summary: Bear cub goes fishing and Gator carries him off. Bear cub then manages to eat all Gator babies, fooling Gator in count each day until they are all gone.

Brer Rabbit Borrows Brer Dog's Shoes
61. Why Mr. Dog Runs Brother Rabbit (p. 369) Summary: Rabbit tricks Dog into letting him try on Dog's shoes and he runs off with them; that's why dogs chase rabbits to this day.

Brer Wolf and his Horns
62. Brother Wolf and the Horned Cattle (p. 372) Summary: Wolf disguises himself with fake horns to attend meeting of horned animals; Rabbit is there too, and he detects and exposes Wolf. Later, Wolf plays dead to try to trick Rabbit, but Rabbit tricks Wolf into grinning.

Brer Fox in the Fruit Tree
63. Brother Fox and the White Muscadines (p. 375) Summary: Rabbit pretends to show Fox where to find white muscadine grapes. He takes him to a tree, and tells him to climb; the scaly bark nuts (hickory nuts) taste sour. Rabbit then says he will catch Fox when he jumps down, but Rabbit pretends to be stuck by thorn and Fox hits ground.

Brer Hawk and Brer Buzzard
64. Mr. Hawk and Brother Buzzard (p. 378) Summary: Buzzard thinks about building house when it rains, but does nothing when sun comes out. Hawk urges him to hunt chickens, but Buzzard waits. Hawk kills himself hunting; Buzzard eats him.

Brer Hawk and Brer Rabbit
65. Mr. Hawk and Brother Rabbit (p. 381) Summary: Hawk catches Rabbit: Rabbit escapes by promising to show Hawk buried gold OR by going into bushes to drive out partridges (two versions of story, one by Tildy and one by Remus).

Wise Bird and Foolish Bird
66. The Wise Bird and the Foolish Bird (p. 384) Summary: Wise Bird challenges Foolish Bird to no-eating no-drinking contest. Wise Bird has food, Foolish Bird doesn't, and he dies.

Mink and Terrapin Go Diving
67. Old Brother Terrapin Gets Some Fish (p. 386) Summary: Turtle challenges Mink to stay underwater; Turtle eats all the fish while Mink is underwater, and then accuses Mink of having eaten the fish.

Brer Rabbit Teaches Brer Fox a Trick
68. Brother Fox Makes a Narrow Escape (p. 389) Summary: Rabbit teaches Fox how to scare animals from waterhole with molasses-and-leaves monster disguise, but then molasses dissolves in water; animals punish Fox.

Brer Fox's Fish-Trap
69. Brother Fox's Fish-Trap (p. 391) Summary: Rabbit robs Fox's fish trap and is able to use his boat pole to escape, pushing off from Fox's own boat.

Brer Rabbit Rescues Brer Terrapin
70. Brother Rabbit Rescues Brother Terrapin (p. 395) Summary: Fox catches Turtle in a sack; Rabbit gets Fox to run off so he can free Turtle and put hornet nest in the stack instead.

III. DADDY JAKE, THE RUNAWAY: And Short Stories Told After Dark (1889).

Rabbit, Raccoon, and the Frogs
1. Crazy Sue's Story (p. 411) Summary: Raccoon wants frog. Rabbit tells him to play dead, and then the frogs bury him so deep they can't get out. Coon can then eat the frogs.

The Preacher and the Black Cat
2. How a Witch Was Caught (p. 415) Summary: Preacher stays in haunted house. A black cat appears; he cuts off cat's toe and it becomes human finger with ring. The finger belongs to the wife of homeowner; she turns back into a cat. They burn her, and the house was not haunted anymore.

Boy Faces Weird Women and a Bear
3. The Little Boy and His Dogs (p. 420) Summary: Panther-women take boy away; by supernatural signs his mother knows to send dogs who rescue him. Boy then rescues sister from Bear: he combs her hair, Bear wants same, so he sticks Bear's head in boiling water.

Inside Snake's House
4. How Black Snake Caught the Wolf (p. 427) Summary: Wolf and Rabbit see Snake fat during famine. They follow him and discover magic door to his house. Rabbit learns charm, so he goes inside and eats. He opens door for Wolf, who goes inside; when Snake comes back, he whips Wolf.

Why the Guineas Stay Awake
5. Why the Guineas Stay Awake (p. 432) Summary: Fox steals a Guinea hen; now they stay awake all night in fear of Fox.

How the Terrapin Was Taught to Fly
6. How the Terrapin Was Taught to Fly (p. 435) Summary: Turtle wants flying lessons from Buzzard. When he flies on his own, he falls; he boasts that he flies good but just can't land.

The Creature With No Claws
7. The Creature With No Claws (p. 440) Summary: Wolf sees strange tracks that lead to a strange animal rubbing a tree; he doesn't realize it is Wildcat. Wildcat attacks him.

The Witch-Wolf
8. Uncle Remus's Wonder Story (p. 442) Summary: Witch-Wolf Mizzle-Mazzle is a man-eater. She seduces a man, but he is suspicious and asks Judge Rabbit for advice. Rabbit tells him to ask her about milking the red cow; she can do all other housework, but the red cow recognizes her and chases her off; the man sees her wolf feet as she escapes.

The Rattlesnake and the Polecat
9. The Rattlesnake and the Polecat (p. 448) Summary: Polecat flees cold, goes to Rattlesnake; Rattlesnake won't let him in.

How the Birds Talk
10. How the Birds Talk (p. 449) Summary: Man coming through swamp hears an owl and thinks it is talking to him; he keeps on answering and gets scared.

The Foolish Woman
11. The Foolish Woman (p. 456) Summary: Woman gets angry at rattling dishes, so she breaks them. She gets angry at fish eyes, so she throws them down the well.

The Adventures of Simon and Susanna
12. The Adventures of Simon and Susanna (p. 459) Summary: Susanna's father, a witch, sets marriage test; Susanna gives Simon a magic ax to pass the test. Father then plans Simon's death; Susanna uses broom substitute and they run, using magic to create obstacles and escape.

Brer Rabbit and the Gingercakes
13. Brother Rabbit and the Gingercakes (p. 465) Summary: To honor King Polecat, animals must close eyes and hold nose when meeting him. Polecat steals cakes Raccoon closes his eyes. Rabbit is not fooled and threatens to reveal Polecat's trick, so he gets to keep the pancakes.

Brer Rabbit's Courtship
14. Brother Rabbit's Courtship (p. 468) Summary: Rabbit in love with gal; she wants a sign. Rabbit gets hollow cane which lets him send voice into room: Gal who stays single will die. Voice then tells her to look at the pine tree, and he meets her there.

IV. UNCLE REMUS AND HIS FRIENDS: Old Plantation Stories, Songs, and Ballads with Sketches of Negro Character (1892).

Why the Hawk Catches Chickens
1. Why the Hawk Catches Chickens (p. 477) Summary: Rooster helps Hawk catch Sun in bed for advice about food; Sun's advice: eat chickens!

Brer Bear and the Honey Orchard
2. Brother Bear and the Honey Orchard (p. 481) Summary: Bear is fat during famine; he takes ashes into woods each night. Rabbit follows trail of ashes; Bear covered in ashes eats honey. Bear won't share; Rabbit organizes animals to fake hurricane and Bear asks Rabbit to tie him to tree. Then animals eat honey.

Brer Rabbit at the Ferry
3. Brother Rabbit Has Fun at the Ferry (p. 488) Summary: Bear works ferry; Rabbit tells man how to get horse and colt to board the ferry, and later wins bet distinguishing mother mare from daughter mare.

Death and the Black Man
4. Death and the Negro Man (p. 494) Summary: Slave asks Death to take him, plus the overseer and master. Master dresses up as Death to scare the slave so that the slave will work harder.

Where the Hurricane Comes From
5. Where the Harrycane Comes From (p. 496) Summary: The birds put Swamp-Owl in charge of watching food. When she fell asleep, food was stolen. They punish her, which makes her angry; she flaps her wings and that makes the hurricane seeds sprout.

Fox, Wolf, and the Little Rabbits
6. Why Brother Wolf Didn't Eat the Little Rabbits (p. 499) Summary: Fox and Wolf cooperate to get rabbits, but Rabbit tells Wolf that delicious molasses is Fox's blood, so Wolf goes chasing Fox.

Mrs. Partridge Has a Fit
7. Mrs. Partridge Has a Fit (p. 504) Summary: Partridge shows Rabbit other eggs, but he wants her eggs; she eats one of her own eggs and pretends to be poisoned, so Rabbit runs off thinking they are snake eggs.

Brer Fox Smells Smoke
8. Brother Fox Smells Smoke (p. 507) Summary: Man catches Fox, sets wife to guard him; Fox offers to help shell peas if she lets him down, and so he gets away. Rabbit helps Man get revenge: Rabbit hires Fox to help with hay, then Rabbit sets hay on fire.

Doctor Rabbit and Brer Fox
9. Brother Fox Still in Trouble (p. 512) Summary: Rabbit prepares salve for Fox's burns, but he puts pepper in it. Then when Fox sees Rabbit's boat, he makes a boat of mud, but it dissolves in the water.

Why Brer Fox's Legs Are Black
10. Why Brother Fox's Legs Are Black (p. 516) Summary: Rabbit and Fox hunt, and then they need fire to cook. Fox goes to get fire from Sun, but he falls asleep over Sun hole; when Sun rises, it burns his legs black.

Why Brer Bull Growls and Grumbles
11. Why Brother Bull Growls and Grumbles (p. 517) Summary: Bull became man to get wife; young boy learns the transformation charm and reveals the man as bull. Bull traps the boy in tree, so boy uses magic pancakes to cut off the man's arms. That's why bulls grumble even today.

The Man and the Wild Cattle
12. The Man and the Wild Cattle (p. 524) Summary: Magic boy grows up, and he hunts horned cattle in woods. Cow-turned-woman marries him. She ties up his dogs so they cannot rescue him from cattle. He uses arrows to make trees while dogs chew their way free. They attack cattle; one pretty cow is left (his wife), but he never sees her again.

Brer Rabbit Frightens Brer Tiger
13. Brother Rabbit Frightens Brother Tiger (p. 529) Summary: Rabbit swings on vine; Tiger falls. Rabbit rides Elephant, pretending to skin him. Tiger runs away in fear.

Brer Goat Eats the Rock
14. Brother Billy Goat Eats His Dinner (p. 535) Summary: Goat tells Wolf he's eating rock; this scares Wolf, and he runs.

The King That Talked Biggity
15. The King That Talked Biggity (p. 538) Summary: Old king poses riddle to would-be new king (beef without cow) and new king riddles back (come get it not at day or night).

Brer Rabbit's Money Mint
16. Brother Rabbit's Money Mint (p. 540) Summary: Rabbit tells Fox about money-making wagon; Fox follows wagon waiting for back wheels to grind money by rubbing against the front wheels.

The Face of the Moon
17. Why the Moon's Face Is Smutty (p. 545) Summary: When Moon was changing her clothes, man carrying charcoal surprised her. The Moon fell into the charcoal and got dirty.

Brer Rabbit Conquers Brer Lion
18. Brother Rabbit Conquers Brother Lion (p. 547) Summary: Lion eats animals one by one; when it's Rabbit's turn, he tricks Lion with his own reflection in water.

Heyo, House!
19. Heyo, House! (p. 551) Summary: Wolf hides in Rabbit's house; Rabbit speaks to house, Wolf replies.

Dreaming of Dinner
20. According to How the Drop Falls (p. 554) Summary: Man takes nap before eating his dinner; another man sneaks in, steals dinner, and smears gravy on his mouth, leaving the bones and potato peelings behind.

A Fool for Luck
21. A Fool for Luck (p. 557) Summary: Squirrels steal fool's corn; he doesn't worry. Thanks to lucky hunting, he finds the corn and through series of more lucky breaks, he gets rich, all because he let squirrels be.

The Man and His Boots
22. The Man and His Boots (p. 560) Summary: Man with boots fools man in wagon by leaving one boot, then another, but the wagon-driver plays counter-trick by pretending he found money in the boots. The man now claims the boots are his, which allows the wagon-driver to grab the man and arrest him.

Brer Mud Turtle's Trickery
23. Brother Mud Turtle's Trickery (p. 563) Summary: Mud-Turtle bites Fox while fishing. Fox chews the turtle's shell; Mud Turtle says mud is required to open the shell. Fox pretends to go off; Turtle not fooled. Fox puts Turtle in mud, and Turtle escapes, dragging Fox into the mud.

Tinktum Tidy and the King
24. How the King Recruited His Army (p. 568) Summary: King gives a little man corn to recruit army; the man trades up from corn to goose sheep cow horse, and then helps a mysterious stranger who tells him how to enchant eleven robbers whom he brings back to king.

V. TOLD BY UNCLE REMUS: New Stories of the Old Plantation (1905).

1. The Reason Why (p. 579) Summary: [no story]

Grandaddy Cricket in the Chimney
2. Why Mr. Cricket Has Elbows on His Legs (p. 586) Summary: Cricket gets in chimney for warmth; man pours boiling water on him. Cricket kicks down chimney, which made Cricket's elbows go down to his knees.

How Wiley Wolf Rode in the Bag
3. How Wiley Wolf Rode in the Bag (p. 595) Summary: Young wolf and rabbit play Ride in Bag, then Tie the Bag. Rabbit replaces young rabbit in bag with young wolf; Wolf then boils young wolf in bag, thinking it is the young rabbit.

Brer Rabbit's Laughing-Place
4. Brother Rabbit's Laughing-Place (p. 604) Summary: Rabbit invites Fox to see his laughing place. Rabbit thus leads him into a hornet nest, and Rabbit laughs.

Brer Rabbit and the Chickens
5. Brother Rabbit and the Chickens (p. 614) Summary: Rabbit says Man's chickens are cold, warms them in bag; eats all chickens, and then tricks wolf into thinking the bag of feathers is valuable grass for whipmewhopme pudding. Man catches Fox: whips and whops!

Mister Cricket and Brer Rabbit Play a Trick
6. Little Mister Cricket and the Other Creatures (p. 620) Summary: With help from Rabbit, Cricket makes animals run by getting in their ears, hopping from one animal ear to another: elephant to lion to tiger.

When Brer Rabbit Was King
7. When Brother Rabbit Was King (p. 627) Summary: Lion goes fishing; Rabbit is king. Dog tells troubles; Rabbit smears him with pepper and turpentine. To this day, dogs are sniffing to find Brer Dog.

How Old Craney-Crow Lost His Head
8. How Old Craney-Crow Lost His Head (p. 640) Summary: Crane sees birds sleeping with head under wings and thinks they take off their heads. Rabbit says it's to escape mosquitoes; he fetches Doctor Wolf who snaps Crane's neck and takes his head off.

Brer Fox Follows the Fashion
9. Brother Fox Follows the Fashion (p. 647) Summary: Rabbit tells Fox about sleeping headless; Fox and wife decide to try, and Mrs. Fox chops off Mr. Fox's head.

Why Turkey Buzzard Is Bald-Headed
10. Why the Turkey Buzzard Is Bald-headed (p. 654) Summary: Mother Buzzard is raising chicks in Rabbit's hollow. Rabbit moves to another hollow in tree, and Buzzard tries to trap him there and kill him. Rabbit gets away and throws hot ashes on mother and chicks.

Brer Deer and King Sun's Daughter
11. Brother Deer and King Sun's Daughter (p. 663) Summary: Deer is in love with Sun's daughter, and he gets help from Rabbit and also from Spring-Lizard. Sun's messenger comes for water, so Deer sends petition, and Sun gives him Daughter in exchange for gold.

Brer Rabbit's Cradle
12. Brother Rabbit's Cradle (p. 671) Summary: Man makes trap; Rabbit calls it a cradle, and Wolf wants cradle, so Wolf gets trapped. Man is sure it's Rabbit in trap, and Wolf can't convince him otherwise.

Brer Rabbit and Brer Bull-Frog
13. Brother Rabbit and Brother Bull-Frog (p. 679) Summary: Frog tricks Rabbit into falling in water; Frog leaves pond, and Rabbit lures Frog to tree where he chops off Frog's tail. That's why frogs don't have tails now.

Why Brer Dog Is Tame
14. Why Mr. Dog Is Tame (p. 692) Summary: Wolf suggests Dog get fire from man; Dog stays there and works for Man. Dog invites Wolf, but when Wolf smiles as Dog did, Man sees those teeth and shoots him.

Brer Rabbit and the Gizzard-Eater
15. Brer Rabbit and the Gizzard-Eater (p. 698) Summary: Gator catches Rabbit in flood; Gator wants to eat Rabbit's gizzard, and Rabbit says he left his double-gizzard in a tree back on land. They go back to land; Rabbit escapes.

Brer Rabbit and Miss Nancy
16. Brother Rabbit and Miss Nancy (p. 709) Summary: Rabbit tricked Man's daughter Nancy out of bread and money and then blamed it on her beau. He sang a song indicting the beau, so Man kicked Nancy and her beau out of the house.

The Hard-Headed Woman
17. The Hard-Headed Woman (p. 714) Summary: Angry woman is married to a conjure man who enchants their cooking pot. She attacks the pot. The pot chases her and throws coal at her. She never comes back, but the pot goes home.


The Critters Go to the Barbecue
1. The Creeturs Go to the Barbecue (p. 729) Summary: Rabbit raids garden; Man sends out dogs. Rabbit tells Fox that dogs are coming to take him to barbecue, Fox tells Bear, then Coon: dogs catch them all but Rabbit gets away.

Brer Rabbit's Frolic
2. Brother Rabbit's Frolic (p. 732) Summary: Animals are going to trick Rabbit with party but he tricks them by pretending there is going to be a party at Miz Meadows'.

Brer Bear's Big House
3. Brother Bear's Big House (p. 734) Summary: Polecat goes to Bear; Bear lets him in and they have to move out because of stink.

Brer Rabbit Organizes a Race
4. Brother Rabbit Treats the Creeturs to a Race (p. 737) Summary: Rabbit asks Rainmaker for race between Dust and Rain. Rain thought Dust won because she couldn't see; Dust was stuck in the mud, so Rain won.

Brer Rabbit and the Gold Mine
5. Brother Rabbit and the Gold Mine (p. 739) Summary: Rabbit and other animals are digging for gold. Wolf says he has found gold and wants to share with Rabbit; Rabbit is wary and runs away, claiming he is going to go get a bag for the gold.

How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool
6. How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool (p. 742) Summary: Man scrapes hogs in boiling water; Rabbit, Wolf, and Fox arrive. Lion tries to take a bath in the hot water and loses all his hair except mane and tuft on tail.


The Story of the Doodang
1. The Story of the Doodang (p. 747) Summary: Doodang is unhappy: fish give him fins but take them back, likewise birds give him feathers but take them back, and he ends up stuck on island in water where he dies. Brer Rabbit laughs.

Brer Rabbit and the Moon
2. Brother Rabbit Has Trouble With the Moon (p. 750) Summary: Brer Rabbit and the Moon quarreled when Rabbit failed to deliver Moon's message to Mister Man, so the Moon broke Rabbit's lip and Rabbit scratched the Moon. Rabbit and the other animals came to live on earth instead.

Doctor Rabbit and Brer Lion
3. Brother Rabbit Causes Brother Fox to Lose His Hide (p. 754) Summary: After being burned, Lion asks Rabbit for advice. He says that, according to Mammy-Bammy-Big-Money the hide of the lion's best friend is required: in other words, the fox. The animals obey and fetch Fox's hide.

Brer Bear and the Rock
4. How Brother Rabbit Saved Brother B'ar's Life (p. 757) Summary: Bear catches Rabbit by the foot while Rabbit hides in tree hollow. He tells Bear he's got hold of a stump; just hit it with a rock and see. Bear goes to get a rock, and Rabbit escapes. Rabbit lures Bear under a big rock, then says it is falling. He sends Bear for stick to prop up the rock, and so Rabbit escapes again.

Teenchy-Tiny Duck
5. The Story of Teenchy-tiny Duck (p. 760) Summary: Duck finds money, but rich man steals it; she retrieves with help of helpers she carries in satchel: Fox eats chickens, Wolf eats cows, escapes from well with Ladder, from fire with River, and bees sting man.

Brer Fox and Mr. Cricket
6. The Story of Brother Fox and Little Mr. Cricket (p. 772) Summary: Fox and Cricket race. Rabbit meets Fox along the way and urges Fox to hurry if he wants to catch up. Meanwhile, Cricket was riding on Fox's tail and wins.


Brer Rabbit's Bear Hunt
1. Brother Rabbit's Bear Hunt (p. 783) Summary: Rabbit goes bear-hunting with help of Wolf and Fox. Rabbit then tells Bear that Wolf and Fox are hunting him, so Bear beats them up and Rabbit laughs.

Impty-umpty and the Blacksmith
2. Impty-umpty and the Blacksmith (p. 792) Summary: Rabbit watches blacksmith and devil: he tells devil can't turn into monkey hog cat, but devil does, and man traps the cat. Rabbit tricks him into letting devil out; when man dies, devil tells him to go make his own hell.

3. Taily-Po (p. 803) Summary: Rabbit gets Witch to make Taily-Po beast; beast goes to Man's house and Man grabs tail, then creature comes back for its tail. Man finds tail in fireplace and sets fire to house, Man burns up.

Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and the Pullets
4. Brother Rabbit, Brother Fox and Two Fat Pullets (p. 814) Summary: Rabbit tricks Fox with written note, then tricks Mrs. Fox with same note; she gives him chickens, while Rabbit pretends to have intervened with Lion on Fox's behalf.

Brer Rabbit and the Calico
5. How Brother Rabbit Brought Family Trouble on Brother Fox (p. 823) Summary: Rabbit tricks Mrs. Fox into thinking Fox has calico for her; Lion summons Rabbit to cure foot; fox-hide is the only cure.

The Most Beautiful Bird in the World
6. The Most Beautiful Bird in the World (p. 833) Summary: In beauty contest, Miz Coo-Coo takes feathers from all birds; wins, and flies away. All birds saying her name even now and preening where they gave her feathers.

IX. SEVEN TALES OF UNCLE REMUS. (1948; original works in the public domain)

Mr. Crow and Mr. Buzzard
1. Mr. Crow and Brother Buzzard (p. 845) Summary: Crow and Buzzard have singing contest. Crow's family brings him food, so he wins; Buzzard has no family to help him. Crow now wears black coat he won in the contest.

Mr. Goat's Short Tail
2. Mr. Goat's Short Tail (p. 850) Summary: Dog and Goat go to Wolf's house but don't go in. Wolf plays fiddle; they won't dance. He attacks. Dog uses magic rabbit's food to turn Goat into stone and then tricks Wolf into throwing stone. Part of stone breaks off; the broken-off part was Goat's long tail, so now Goat's have short tails.

The Baby and the Pumpkins
3. The Baby and the Punkins (p. 854) Summary: Woman treats mysterious man kindly and gets gift of magic pumpkin tree. Strange foundling shows up; this baby is very greedy for pumpkins. Woman casts him out; he transforms into a grown man. He does not treat the mysterious man kindly; pumpkins fall from the tree and smash him.

Brer Rabbit's Eating Contest
4. Brother Rabbit's Barbecue or How Brother Bear Exposed Brother Rabbit at the Barbecue (p. 856) Summary: In an eating contest, Rabbit pretends to eat the most but is just hiding food in purse; Bear exposes him

Brer Bear Learns to Comb his Hair
5. Brother Bear Learns to Comb His Head (p. 861) Summary: Rabbit slicks his hair. He tells Bear that wife uses axe to cut off his hair and put it back; Bear asks his wife to do same with axe, and that's the end of Bear.

Why the Bear Is a Wrestler
6. Why the Bear Is a Wrestler (p. 863) Summary: Bear father sends him off with magic honey that will make anyone who eats it wrestle and give him everything. Tiger eats honey, wrestles Bear; Bear takes Tiger's house.

Brer Rabbit and Aunt Nancy
7. Brother Rabbit Doesn't Go to See Aunt Nancy (p. 865) Summary: Rabbit refuses to go to Nancy (goddess); he tells animals to shake hands with her and see the truth. Bears asks to shake hands. Her cloak comes off and they see she is half-woman half-spider and they run.

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