Tuesday, December 18, 2018

C114. The Rattlesnake and the Polecat

9: The Rattlesnake and the Polecat. Text Source: Daddy Jake, The Runaway by Joel Chandler Harris. Online at Hathi Trust. I have removed the frame material and standardized the spelling; click here for notes to the story.

There was a time when Brer Polecat was a-hunting for a new house. The weather was getting kind of shivery, and Brer Polecat he set out to find a good warm place where he can stay when the freeze come on.

He mosey along, Brer Polecat did, till he come to Brer Rattlesnake house, which it was in a hollow tree. Brer Polecat knock at the door. 

Brer Rattlesnake allow, "Who that?"

Brer Polecat respond, "It's me; open the door."

Brer Rattlesnake say, "What you want?" 

Brer Polecat say, "It mighty cool out here."

Brer Rattlesnake allow, "That what I hear folks say."

Brer Polecat up and respond, says he, "It too cold for to stand out here."

"That what I hear tell," says Brer Rattlesnake, says he. 

"I want to come in there where it's warm," says Brer Polecat, says he. 

Brer Rattlesnake allow that two in that house would be a big crowd. 

Brer Polecat say he got the name of being a mighty good housekeeper. 

Brer Rattlesnake say it mighty easy for anybody for to keep other folks' house. 

Brer Polecat say he going come in anyhow. 

Brer Rattlesnake allow, "There ain't no room in here for you."

Brer Polecat laugh and say, "Shoo, Brer Rattlesnake! Everybody gives me room. I go along the road, I does, and meet Mr. Man. I walks right towards him, and he obliged to give me room. I meet all the critters, and they obliged to give me room."

Brer Rattlesnake say, "That what I hear tell."

Brer Polecat allow, "Don't you pester yourself about room. You just lemme get in there where you is, and I'll make room!" 

With that Brer Rattlesnake shot the door of his house and sprung the latch, and after so long a time Brer Polecat went pacing off somewheres else.

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