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C088. Old Grinny Granny Wolf

54. Old Grinny Granny Wolf. Text Source: Nights with Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris. Online at Project Gutenberg. I have removed the frame material and standardized the spelling; click here for the original spelling plus all notes to the story.

One time Brer Rabbit is been travel 'round for see he neighbor folks. He been mad with Brer Wolf for so long time; he make no difference, he come past he house he no see nothing, he no hear nothing. He holler, "Hi, Brer Wolf! Why you no for make answer when me ask you howdy? Why for you is do this 'fore me very face? What make you do this?"

He wait, he listen; nothing no make answer. Brer Rabbit, he holler, "Come show yourself, Brer Wolf! Come show yourself. Be ashamed for not show yourself when your acquaintance come visiting where you live!"

Nothing at all no make answer, and Brer Rabbit become very mad. He become so mad he stomp he foot and bump he head upon the fence-side. By and by he take heart, he open the door, he is look inside the house. Fire burn in the chimney, pot sit upon the fire, old woman sit by the pot. Fire burn, pot, he boil, old woman, he take he nap.

The old woman, he old Granny Wolf; he cripple in he leg, he blind in he eye, he most deaf in he ear. He deaf, but he been hear Brer Rabbit make fuss at the door, and he is cry out, "Come see your old Granny, me grandson — come see your Granny! The fire is been burn, the pot is been boil; come fix your Granny some vittles, me grandson.'"

Brer Rabbit, he is been make heself comfortable by the fire. By and by, he holler, "Hi, Granny! I been cripple meself; me eye been come blind. You must boil me in the water, Granny, so me leg is can come well, and so me eye can come see."

Brer Rabbit, he mighty head for fool. He been take 'em one chunk wood, he drop the wood in the pot. He been say, "I is been feeling well, me Granny. Me leg, he coming strong, me eye he fix for see."

Granny Wolf, he shake he head; he cry, "Me one leg cripple, me other leg cripple; me one eye blind, me other eye blind. Why you no for put me in the pot for make me well?"

Brer Rabbit laugh in he belly; he say, "Hold yourself still, me Granny; I fix you one place in the pot where you is can fetch back the strength in your leg and the sight in your eye. Hold still, me Granny!"

Brer Rabbit, he is been take the chunk out the pot; he take the chunk, and he is been put Granny Wolf in they place. He touch the water, he holler, "Ow! Take me way from this!"

Brer Rabbit say it is not the soon 'nough time. Granny Wolf, he holler, "Ow! Take me way from this! He been too hot!"

Brer Rabbit, he no take the Mammy Wolf from the pot, and by and by he die in there. Brer Rabbit he take he bone and throw 'em away; he leave the meat. He take Granny Wolf frock, he turn 'em 'round, he put 'em on; he take Granny Wolf cap, he turn 'round, he put 'em on. He sat there by the fire, he hold heself in he chair same like Granny Wolf.

By and by Brer Wolf is been come back. He walk in he house, he say, "Me hungry, Grinny-Granny! Me hungry, for true!"

"Your dinner ready, Grindson-grandson!"

Brer Wolf, he look in the pot, he smell in the pot, he stir in the pot. He eat he dinner, he smack he mouth. Brer Wolf eat he dinner; he call he chilluns, he ask 'em is they no want nothing at all for eat. He holler back, "We no can eat we Grinny-Granny!"

Brer Rabbit, he run 'way from there-there; he holler back, "Brer Wolf, you is been eat your Grinny-Granny."

Brer Wolf been get so mad he ain't most can see. He hear Brer Rabbit holler, and he try for catch 'em. He fair tear up the grass where he run along. By and by he come upon Brer Rabbit. He is been push 'em head. Brer Rabbit run and run till he ain't can run no more; he hide 'neath leaning tree. Brer Wolf, he find 'em; Brer Rabbit he holler, "Hi! Brer Wolf! Make haste, come hold up the tree, 'fore he is fall there-there; come hold 'em, Brer Wolf, so I is can prop 'em up."

Brer Wolf, he hold up the tree for Brer Rabbit; he hold 'em till he do come tired. Brer Rabbit gone!

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