Friday, June 03, 2016

C054. Baer (p. 73). Brother Rabbit Takes Some Exercise

This is Chase054.

Types ATU2033A nut hits cock's head and he thinks the world has come to an end
Motifs Z0043.3 nut hits the cock's head
Baer comments "Characteristically, Rabbit doesn't think the world is coming to an end, but dupes other animals into believing some disaster has occurred."
Klipple has three of this type: two with rabbit, one with fox.
Baer concludes: "This Uncle Remus tale is much closer to the African than to the European tales of this type. While the ultimate origin of the tale type may well be Europe, the immediate source would seem to be Africa."


I am surprised that Baer makes no reference to the Indian origin of this story. There has been a lot of shuffling of this tale type, and unlike other chain tales in the old Z- motif series, it's ended up as ATU0020 in the latest edition. I have worked on this story at my chain tale site: ATU0020D: Animals Flee

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