Tuesday, July 05, 2016

C097. Baer (p. 106). Brother Fox and the White Muscadines

This is Chase097.

Motifs K1113.1 dupe pesuaded to climb tall tree; falls

Gerber has African story  "in which foxinduces hyena to get on a cloud to eat white fat. When hyena is ready to jump, fox offers the same excuse as Rabbit about the torn in his paw and hyena strikes the ground so hard her right hind-foot is smaller than the left." -- in Bleek, and Thompson has it as A2284.6 jackal persuades hyena ot jumpa nd break foot; A2373.2.5 why hyena has short left foot.

Baer admits "in this case, the motif index does not show the similarity between the two stories, yet they surely seem related."

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