Friday, July 29, 2016

C113. Baer (p. 117). Uncle Remus's Wonder Story

This is Chase113.

D0312.1 transformation: lion to person
B0651.3 marriage to lion in human form

Baer gives these motifs as context, not necessarily as analogues. "Neither motif would indicate the similarity of the African and Afro-American tales, yet they are clearly related."

The motifs are for Bleek's Lion who took a woman's shape and Chatelain's Lions and Kimona-Ngombe.


Baer does not comment on Judge Rabbit here, but this is another example, I suspect, of Harris bringing the rabbit in on his own... did he really have a source that told a version of this story with the man going to "Judge Rabbit"? I would like to know re: this story plus some other similar examples. I'm glad to see the rabbit, but I really wonder if that is Harris at work, or an actual source...?

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