Wednesday, July 13, 2016

C149. Baer (p. 141). Little Mister Cricket and the Other Creatures

This is Chase149.

Types ATU0228 titmouse tries to be big as a bear
L0314.1 bird flies into large animal's ear and killshim
L0315.1.1 mouse runs into buffalo's ear and overcomes him

Klipple has 8 examples of this type and 5 are like Harris: in 4 elephant is victim and in one rhinoceros is victim; the little creatures are thousand-legs, wren, hummingbird or bees. Generally the animals don't die; it's like in Harris: big animal admits defeat.

Flowers has a Bahaman tale about cricket and elephant; Flowers puts it under ATU0075 Help of the weak

Baer concludes: "Africa is undoubtedly the sourcce of both the West Indian and Afro-American versions."

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