Thursday, July 14, 2016

C151. Baer (p. 142). How Old Craney-Crow Lost His Head

This is Chase151.

Types ...
J2413.4.2 fowl makes another animal believe that he has had his neck cut off; neck hidden under his wing
There are African versions. Namwanga: "Cock hides his head under his wing when hare calls; cock's wife said she cut off cock's head and sent it to have the feathers plaited; cock then pretends his head had been sent back and takes it from under his wing; hare asks his wife to do the same for him and he dies."

Arewa has 3 versions of rooster playing trick of hyena or hare, and see Werner on her notions about a hare cycle with this episode being the end of the hare.

Versions collected in Mississippi in 1925 (Fauset), with rabbit getting his head cut off to imitate turkey gobbler or guinea.

Bascom has 25 African and 23 American versions!

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