Monday, August 01, 2016

C171. Baer (p. 154). Story of Teenchy-Tiny Duck

This is Chase171.

ATU0715:II Demi-Coq
D0915.2 river contained under cock's wings
D1382.3 magic stream quenches fire
F0601.7 animals as extraordinary companions
K0841 demi-coq by means of magic animals and magic water collects money
Hausa tale has little chicken who puts wood, cat, hyena, lion, and elephant into bag to recover debt
Flowers has an example from Guadalupe

"The Uncle Remus and Hausa versions have in common that only the central portion of the European tale has been retained; however, Uncle Remus follows the motifs of the European version rather than those of the African example"

conclusion: "Present evidence does not indicate great popularity or assimilation of this European tale in the African oral tradition; nor in the Afro-American tradition, for that matter."


Surely this is a tale originally from India, not European? I know it as an Indian story, and a popular one. This will be fun to research!

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