Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Told by Uncle Remus: Ver Beck - Conde - Frost

Title: Told by Uncle Remus
Author: Harris, Joel Chandler
Illustrator: Ver Beck, Frank
Illustrator: Conde, J. M.
Illustrator: Frost, A. B.
Year: 1905
Source: Internet Archive
Images: Flickr Album

The illustrations by Conde are very distinctive, and so are the Frost illustrations, so I am assuming the remainder are by Ver Beck.

It is bad enough when artists assume that the human characters like Miss Meadows and Mr. Man, etc., are white, but it is worse when they draw the characters as if they were blackface grotesques. For that reason, I have not included this illustration by Ver Beck on the story page for Brer Rabbit and Miss Nancy.

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