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Resource: American Folktales: The South and the Caribbean

The Greenwood Library of American Folktales: The South and the Caribbean

Author: Thomas Green
Year: 2006
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

The South

Kanati And Selu: The Origin Of Corn And Game
The Origin Of Corn
The Man Who Invented Fire
Origin Of The Alabama Indians
When Mr. Pine Tree And Mr. Oak Tree Fall Out
Why The People Tote Brer Rabbit Foot In Their Pocket
Origin Of The Bear: The Bear Songs
How Come Brer Bear Sleep In The Winter
How Come Mr. Buzzard To Have A Bald Head
The Rattlesnake's Vengeance
How Come Pigs Can See The Wind
Why Mr. Owl Can't Sing
When Brer Rabbit Saw Brer Dog's Mouth So Brer Dog Can Whistle
Ol' Rabbit An' De Dawg He Stole
Allen Chesser's Initiation: The Bear Fight

Heroes, Heroines, Tricksters, and Fools
The Wine, The Farm, The Princess, And The Tarbaby
The Tarbaby
The Rabbit And The Frenchman
Mr. Deer's My Riding Horse
Rabbit Rides Wolf
On Horseback
Incriminating The Other Fellow
Playing Godfather
How Brer Rabbit Practice Medicine
When Brer Wolf Have His Corn Shucking
The Sack Of Peas And The Mule
The Irishman And The Pumpkin
The Sea Tick And The Irishman
Shooting Grasshoppers
The Fox And The Wolf
When Brer Rabbit Was Presidin' Elder
Jack The Giant Killer
How Brer Fox Dream He Eat Brer 'possum
Brer Rabbit's Cool Air Swing
The Lion And The Unicorn
When Brer 'possum Attend Miss Fox's House-Party
The Tasks Of Rabbit
When Brer Rabbit Help Brer Terrapin
Rabbit Kills Big Man-Eater
Rabbit And The Big Man-Eater
How The Deer Obtained His Horns
Rabbit Fools Alligator
Rabbit Gets A Turkey For Wildcat
When Brer Frog Give A Big Dining
Bouqui And Lapin: The Smokehouse
Jean Sot Feeds Cows Needles
Nea Sot Kills Th Educk
Jean Sot And The Cowhide
Lazy Jack And His Calf Skin
Ti Jean Cannot Tell A Lie
Boudreaux And The Cottonouth
Cajun Cockfight
'coon In The Box
The Fuck Fight
A Sight Of Alligators
Lies Too Far Apart
The Arkansas Shakes
Voices In The Frying Pan
The Bent Gun
The Marvelous Potato
The King And Old George Buchanan
Jack And The Beanstalk
Old Bluebeard
Hardy Hardback
How Brer Rabbit Bring Dust Out Of Th Erock
Rabbit Steals Fire
Whiteberry Whittington

Old Foster

The Powers that Be: Sacred Tales
Why The Spider Never Got In The Ark
The Spanish Moss
Hellhound Comes For A Drunkard
Sol Lockheart's Call
Where Did Adam Hide?
Possessed Of Two Spirits
Miller's Witch Wife
Phoebe Ward, Witch
A Bewitched Churning
The Raven Mocker
The Witch And The Boiler
A Bewitched Gun
The Bell Witch
Avenging Ghosts
The Rich Ghost
Return Of The Ghost Wife
Riders Pursued By Ghosts
The Mysterious Deer
The Bride Of The Evil One
The Chosen Suitor: The Forbidden Room
The Ahunted House
Race With A Ghost
The Ghost Of Alex
The Spirit Defenders Of Nikwasi

The Powers that Be: Secular Tales
Jim Johns and th eTiger
When Mr. Terrapin Went Riding on the Clouds
Are you Man?
The Grease Girl
All Dressed up and No Place to Go
The Talking Eggs
Your Horse Stays Outside

The Caribbean

Adam And Eve
Brother Rabbit An' Brother Tar Baby
Nancy And The Honey Tree
Brother Elephant And Brother Whale
Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail
Playing Mourner
Cock's Breakfast
The Origins Of Woman

Heroes, Heroines, Tricksters, And Fools
The Brave Tailor
Nancy Fools His Wife
Annancy And The Yam Hills
Seeking Trouble
Brother Rabbit, Brother Booky, And Brother Cow
The Sperrit House
Bale Of Cotton Or Bag Of Salt
Mr. Hard Time
John The Fool And John The Smart
Anansi And The Lady In The Well
Magic Flight
The Three Sons

The Powers That Be: Sacred Tales
The Chosen Suitor
The Big Worm
The Nighty Beauty
Under The Green Old Oak Tree
The Old Woman And Her Child
Rescued From The Loups Garous By Loa Saint James
A Zange Disguises As A Snake
A Loup Garou Disguises As A Beggar

The Power That Be: Secular Tales
The Solomon Cycle
Destory Of De Man And Six Poached Eggs
Education For A Carpenter's Son
Dayday Agastin

The Girl And The Fish

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