Friday, May 17, 2019

Resource: The Days when the Animals Talked

The Days when the Animals Talked

Author: William J. Faulkner
Illustrator: Troy Howell
Year: 1977
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

Part 1. Black Slave Tales

Part 2. Black Folktales
Brer Rabbit Goes A-Courting
Brer Wolf's Magic Gate
Brer Bear Gets A Taste Of Man
Brer Tiger And The Big Wind
Brer Rabbit Keeps His Word
Brer Possum And Brer Snake
Brer Wolf Plants Pinders
Brer Wolf's Second Pinder Patch
Brer Fox Tries Farming Too
Brer Rabbit's Protest Meeting
The Tar Baby Tricks Brer Rabbit
Run, Brer Gator, Run!
Brer Rabbit And Brer Cooter Race
Brer Fox Meets Mister Trouble
Brer Wolf Wants The Honey
Brer Rabbit Dances For A Wife
Brer Rabbit And His Riding Horse
How The Cow Went Under The Ground
Who Stole Brer Gilhard's Sheep
Brer Wolf And Brer Fox Get A Big Surprise
Brer Rabbit Rescues His Children
Who Got Brer Gilyard's Treasure?

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