Saturday, May 18, 2019

Resource: From My People

From My People: 400 Years of African American Folklore

Author: Daryl Cumber Dance
Year: 2002
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

I have just listed the contents for Chapter 1: Folktales.

De Ways Of De Wimmens
Why The Black Man's Hair Is Nappy
Why The Whites Have Everything
Upon This Rock
Why The Rabbit Has A Short Tail
How The Black Man Lost His Wings
The False Message: Take My Place
The Goldstone
Mr. Rabbit And Mr. Frog Make Mr. Fox And Mr. Bear Their Riding Horses
Bobtail Beats The Devil
Making Butter
Some Are Going, And Some Are Coming
The Tar Baby
Buh Squirrel An' Buh Fox
How Brer Wolf Caught Brer Rabbit
Straighten Up And Fly Right
De Two Fren An' De Bear
De Eagle An' His Chillun
Buh Lion An' Buh Goat
De Dyin' Bull-Frog
The Elephant And The Whale
Polly Tells On The Slaves
Hot Biscuits Burn Yo' Ass
Lookin' For Three Fools
Uncle Monday
The Coon In The Box
The Mojo
Uncle Jim Speaks His Mind
Thirteen Years
Why The Guardian Angel Let The Brazos Bottom Negroes Sleep
You May Fall In Yourself
I'll Go As Far As Memphis
Shall We Gather At The River
Gone To Meddlin'
Can't Get In
The One-Legged Grave Robber
Big Fraid And Lil' Fraid
The Irishman And The Moon
The Irishman And The Watermelon
John And The Twelve Jews
The Irishman At The Dance
How Hoodoo Lost His Hand
Mary Bell
The Clever Companions
The Laziest Man
The Lazy Man

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