Monday, May 13, 2019

Resource: The Piece of Fire and Other Haitian Tales

The Piece of Fire and Other Haitian Tales

Author: Harold Courlander
Illustrator: Beth and Joe Krush
Year: 1942 / 1964
Location: personal library

Table of Contents:

Merisier, Stronger than the Elephants
The Chief of the Well
Bouki Gets Whee-Ai
Break Mountains
Bouki Rents a Horse
Pierre Jean's Tortoise
The Cat, the Dog, and Death
Sweet Misery
The Gun, the Pot, and the Hat
The Lizard's Big Dance
Bouki Buys a Burro
Ticoumba and the President
Nananbouclou and the Piece of Fire
The Fishermen
Who is the Older?
The Voyage Below the Water
Bouki Cuts Wood
The Donkey Driver
The Blacksmits
Bouki's Glasses
Charles Legoun and his Friend
Bouki and Ti Bef
The King of the Animals
Janot Cooks for the Emperor
Jean Britisse, the Champion
Waiting for a Turkey

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