Saturday, July 02, 2016

C091. Baer (p. 102). Mr. Lion's Sad Predicament

This is Chase091.

Types ATU0157 learning to fear men
J0017 learning to fear men
see William Owen's story of Buh Elephant and Buh Lion where Lion tells Elephant he fears partridges
Dorson also has a version
Crane notes story in Koelle: lion tells dog he fears blackbirds
Baer notes Aesop where lion who fears bird is consoled by elephant fearing gnat

Baer concludes: "the sources of the motif and tale type are European, but combining them results in an Afro-American tale"


The discussion here does not seem complete; I need to do some research on the bibliography for this tale type and collect the other African American items I've found.

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