Monday, June 13, 2016

C068. Baer (p. 81). Brother Rabbit's Love Charm

This is Chase068.

Motifs H1151.6.1. task: steadling elephant tail (tusks)
H1210 medicine man sets fee: python, rice bird's and leopard's tooth
H1151 task: steadling alligator's tooth
H1151: task: steadling bird's bill
Baer "content and motifs point to an African origin for this tale."

Clarke has Liberian parallel. In Mossi tale, Rabbit's suitor tasks are: milking buffalo, getting leopard skin, and tusk of elephant.

This tale and also Chase069  appear in Bascom's African Folktales in America series. Bascom observes there is no ATU type for "trickster seeks endowments" and "to achieve his goal, trickster must obtain one or more things."

Baer: "These two Uncle Remus tales reflect the most common goals found in Africa: in this tale, Rabbit is trying to win a girl; and in the next he seeks confirmation of his wisdom and cunning."

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