Saturday, June 18, 2016

C073. Baer (p. 87). Brother Rabbit Gets the Provisions

This is Chase073.

Types 1335 setting sun (rising moon) mistaken for fire
1004I Pigs' tails
J1806 setting sun (rising moon) mistaken for fire
K0404.1 pigs tails
K0944 deceptive agreement to kill wives (children) in famine
K0231.1.1 mutual agreement to sacrifice family members in famine
K0343.3 companion sent away so that rascal may steal common food supply
M0290 animals agree to eat mothers during famine

Gerber notes: "In Bornu the weasel tells the hyena the setting sun is fire and sends him for it."

Baer: "The agreement to sacrifice family members occurs very frequently in African tales." Kama: hare tells lion they must kill mothers because they are witches; in Chaga tale, weasel tells lion they should kill motehrs; Nyasaland hare tells man they must kill mothers, etc. Arewa has hare and hyena who make agreement. Baer discusses how the various indexers do or don't distinguish between the subtypes and motifs.

Parsons has Nancy and Lion selling their mothers and Nancy burying donkey tails. See Notes to Chase020.

Baer notes that this begins a cycle of three similar stories, with Daddy Jack criticizing Uncle Remus's version.

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