Sunday, June 05, 2016

Chase060. Baer (p. 77). Why the Alligator's Back is Rough

This is Chase060.

Motifs A2315.2 origin of alligator's scale
A2356.2.11 why alligator has rough back
A2494.6.2 enmity between crocodile and rabbit
K1055 dupe asleep in field of grass finds trouble (devil) when grass is set on fire

Harris knew about Indian parallels, and Swanton does have two Creek versions: Rabbit Fools Alligator, and also Rabbit Shows Alligator the Devil. See also Jones Buh Alligatur Nebber Sleep Fur from de Ribber Bank.

Dorson has Bear Meets Trouble, and he also lists alligator analogues.

see Chase051 and notes there for considering this an African/Afro-American tale

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