Sunday, June 05, 2016

Chase061. Baer (p. 78). Brother Wolf Says Grace

This is Chase061.

Types ATU0122B squirrel persuades fox to pray before eating
Motifs K0562.1 captive trickster persuades captor to pray before eating

In Thompson: K0561.1 animal captor persuaded to talk and release victim from his mouth
(Baer says this is clearly just a "typo" but I can see some similarity...?)

Harris notes Cock and Jackal in Bleek: "Please pray before you kill me, as the white man does" ... "The irony of this statement in a stor told by a black man to a white man excited no comment, neither from Bleek nor Harris."

Flowers has four parallels where dupe clasped his hands in prayer that lets trickster escape

Baer: "There is no controversy or question about this tale; even Dorson sees it as of African provenance."

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