Friday, July 29, 2016

C123. Baer (p. 124). Death and the Negro Man

This is Chase123.

Motifs J0217.0.1.1 trickster overhears man praying for death to take him

Dorson has similar story which Baughman includes; Baughman has 10 refs. of which 8 are American Negro. Baer cites Jones's Old Man and Death.

Baer comments: "Both this and the 'poor coon' story perpetuate a stereotype of the lazy, superstitious, cowardly Negro, and they appear frequently as having been told by American negroes. It would be interesting to know if they represent 'plays upon the stereotypes... where a negro will make fun of the white stereotype or what he believes to be the white stereotype of the Negro'" (citing Dundes' Study of ethnic slurs in JAF 84).


Baer does not cite the great Hurston story where the slave prays for the death of the white master who then throws rock from up in tree: God should be able to tell the difference between a black man and a white one! 

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