Tuesday, July 12, 2016

C146. Baer (p. 139). How Wiley Wolf Rode in the Bag

This is Chase146.

Types ATU1119 the ogre kills his own children
K0869* deceptive game: hauling and tying in bags; parent destroys own child

Chatelain has Angolan story with leopard and goat who play a fatal game; Klipple has story where leopard gets gazelle's children in a sack and gazelle swaps leopard children; leopard then trades sack for drum

see also Madagascar: Trimobe and Sohitika; T. sews S. in sack; T's children let S. out and he puts them in; they cry themselves to sleep and then T. eats them

Baer thinks Klipple's use of this type is forced, so she proposes something new

Baer: "This tale is probably of African origin."

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