Tuesday, August 02, 2016

C176. Baer (p. 157). Brother Rabbit, Brother Fox, and the Two Fat Pullets

This is Chase176.


K0362 theft by presenting false order to guarian

Mofokeng has two African stories with jackal and lion: "Jackal picks up a piece of paper and takes it to lion pretending it is a letter from lion's wife. Lion cannot read but pretends that he has left his spectacles at home and asks jackal to read it for him. Jackal reads that lion must kill a sheep and send it with jackal at once. ... He gets home to find that jackal gave lion's wife the entrails (which were intended for jackal) and has taken the sheep."

Thompson has Ibo item for this motif.

West Indies: 8 items in Flowers

conclusion: "This Uncle Remus tale has close analogues in Africa and the West Indies rather than Europe."

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