Tuesday, August 02, 2016

C180. Baer (p. 160). Mr. Goat's Short Tail

This is Chase180.

ATU0126 sheep chases the wolf (via Klipple)
A2378.2.2. how goats lost their tails
D0642 transformation to escape difficult situation
K0649.12 confederate persuades captor to throw away disguised trickster

Baer notes that Uncle Remus says this is Jamaican tale

Guinea coast: leopard, dog, and goat. Klipple classifies that one as ATU0126 sheep chases the wolf, plus she has four other stone-throwing episodes; see comments on Chase089 for Hlakanyana turning himself into a stone to get thrown across the river.

Mofokeng has Shona tale with hare changing himself into a log to get thrown across river

Milne-Home has Jamaican tale with Anansi, not Wolf as pursuer... plus additional episode: "when the river is dry, Anansi follows dog and goat and throws a cutlass, cutting off a piece of goat's tail."

Harris published in Dixie in December 1890; it's not clear if he knew of Milne's book (she mentions Harris in her introduction, but he never mentions her). Milne also has "Anansi, Tiger, and Goat" with Tiger as pursuer

conclusion: "Regardless of how Harris verified the tale, it has close analogues in Jamaica and Africa, and the source is almost certainly Africa."

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